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L.A. Photo Curator features my work as part of their "What Remains" contest

L.A. Photo Curator features the work of entrant Travis Gordon to our current call for entry, 'What Remains' with curator Jody Miller.

Gordon says of his work, "If I had to describe my work, I would simply say that my photography is an expression of myself. I have always had a personal and spiritual fascination with the natural world and the people and things that inhabit that space.

For me, beauty is found everywhere. It’s in the small details like the remains of a fallen tree. Its spiraling rings allowing one to reflect on a life long-lived. It can be found in the quiet melancholy of fractured and broken gravestones. I wonder about their seemingly now forgotten lives, knowing that they were once loved and missed. I seek to draw the viewer into these moments, some of which are fleeting, that they may take time to reflect and see the beauty in everything.

This past year I happily began exhibiting my work and am humbled to have been a part of numerous shows and exhibitions, including multiple exhibitions at Apero Gallery in Fullerton, CA, Beyond the Lines Gallery at Bergamot Station in Santa Monica, CA, Dab Art in Ventura, CA as well as being a featured Emerging/ Contemporary artist for among other online exhibitions.

Current Call for Entry:…

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