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Apero Gallery's latest Fine Art Catalogue, "Surrounding" showcases two photographs fro

I am happy to announce that my photography will once again be showcased by the Apero Gallery. Their latest Fine Art Catalogue, "Surrounding", is published and ready for download, and features the artwork of over 20 artists in various mediums including photography, painting, mixed media, drawings and sculpture. My thanks and gratitude to Esther Jacks for her wonderful words about my work as seen below.

'Surrounding' is a collection, connecting all living things together via various environments.

Curator Review: Armada In The Clouds

The stretching expanse in this image by artist Travis Gordon, is mesmerizing. A captivating glow resides just above the diffusion of boats. There, the horizon line fades into luminescent clouds, creating serene tranquility, with a tinge of solemn. This perceptive composition, animates the subconscious. - E.E. Jacks

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